Hello visitors! In this post you can read about OGC token allocation.

Daily blocks: 1000–1300 Block per second: about 0.01 Coin per second: 0.00002

Coin burning

Coin burning is a process of final withdrawal of coins from sales, reduction of the total supply. Coins will be burned once a week — 10 pcs seach week. Masternode owners will receive a DeFi coin as an incentive to burn coins. Investors will be able to use the DeFi coin for yield farming.

Block reward structure

ROI%: 130% — 200%
Emission: 16,000,000 coins
Premine: 1.5%
MN Collateral: 700 coins
Staking collateral: 150 coins
Block Reward: 0.0015 coins
MN Reward per block: 0.00135 coins Staking Reward per block: 0.00015 coins Minimum Staking Amount: 1 coin Staking Age: 24h
RPC Port: 9011
P2P Port: 9010
PoW phase: 0–1000 blocks
PoW block reward: 5 coins
PoS phase starts: 1001 block to infinity


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