Hi! Today we will talk about the uniqueness of the OGC token.
The use of DeFi is a key for its development. It solves many problems identified in this project.

Decentralized finance is a system by which financial products become available on a public decentralized blockchain network, making them open to anyone to use, rather than going through middlemen like banks or brokerages. Unlike a bank or brokerage account, a government-issued ID, Social Security number, or proof of address are not necessary to use DeFi. More specifically, DeFi refers to a system by which software written on blockchains makes it possible for buyers, sellers, lenders, and borrowers to interact peer to peer or with a strictly software-based middleman rather than a company or institution facilitating a transaction.

The main purpose of creating DeFi Staking is to reduce the monetary speed of the token, encouraging owners to keep it, not to sell, as a result of which the token market will grow rapidly. DeFi Swap technology allows users to easily exchange tokens in hosted pools. Borrowing and Lending will be based on smart contracts that run on open blockchains.



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